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Double Decker Bus Hire-A Guide

If you want to get your brand name out there, and you want your product name to reach a wide variety of people who would otherwise not be exposed to it, then hiring out a promotional vehicle may be one of the best ways to do this. A promotional vehicle is the name given to any sort of vehicle which is used to help to promote a company, person or brand. There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to arranging these vehicles. Promotional vehicles can be as small as a bicycle, or as large as a double decker bus; hire staff to go in your promotion vehicle, or send experienced staff of your own; use your vehicle only on the road, or park up and do promotional activities in the flesh – the list goes on.

Double decker bus hire is one of the most novel forms of promotional vehicle, however double decker bus hire is a cost effective way of promoting your company. The inside of the bus can provide you with a two level exhibition space or show room facility, so that you can display as much information about your brand or product as you want to. Another significant benefit which can be gained from double decker bus hire is that the sheer size of the bus means that it is almost impossible to miss. Once the double decker bus is kitted out with your branding, it will be one of the most eye-catching vehicles on the road, and passers-by will not fail to spot it! A double decker bus is a great choice for an area which has inconsistent weather patterns, because it is suitable for promotional events, whatever the weather.Checkout  bus companies dublin  for more info.

Another type of promotional vehicle which is available for hire is the promotional trailer. Whilst they are not nearly as big as a double decker bus, they can be almost as eye-catching. The advantage of a trailer over a double decker is that they can be driven on some roads which are classed as unsuitable for vehicles as large as a bus. Many promotional trailers also have small kitchen facilities, meaning that visitors and clients can be offered a beverage or light refreshment.

One novel (and environmentally friendly) promotional vehicle is the promotional bicycle or “promotional cyclist”. This type of vehicle is becoming very popular in continental Europe, where cycle paths are common and there are lots of zones where other vehicles cannot go. The cyclist can cycle round, wearing branded cycle wear and carrying a clearly branded promotional backpack, containing promotional leaflets. They can set down wherever is appropriate and hand out leaflets and discuss the brand, before packing up and cycling on again. Although this type of promotional vehicle may not be as visible, it offers a lot of flexibility and freedom as to where the promoter can travel in their locality. This method is also one of the cheapest types of vehicle; however the use of a promotional cyclist can be weather dependent.